Chasing Rainbows is Taking Flight

What an exciting month! I’ve been waiting for this month for a very long time.

Circumstances have changed significantly since I sent the final files to the publisher for Chasing Rainbows. The world has been turned upside down in a chase to find a cure for COVID-19. We have lost many friends, family, and people we won’t have a chance to meet. It’s been a challenging time of survival, loss, and change. We didn’t only lose our loved ones we have also lost the time. Time with the people we care about. But it’s also shed light on what’s important, and what needs to change. I hope we all can work together as a whole and show respect for one another. We’re all in this together. We all live on this planet together.

Chasing Rainbows was a delight to be a part of and I’m so excited to see it go out into the world. Katrina McKelvey is a beautiful person and she wrote Chasing Rainbows. I’ve been fortunate to enjoy the small things in life and create worlds of colour and fun. And so to able to share these pages with you is a joy.

Book Launch for Chasing Rainbows
Date: 5 August 2020
Time: 6.30pm @ Very Cheri (FB), 7pm @Katrina McKelvey (FB), 7.30 @Katrina McKelvey (IG)

Chasing Rainbows will be out on the 5th August. You can purchase at Booktopia and other major booksellers.

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This is an interview between the author and illustrator prior to delivery of our book:

Wait! Some Goss!

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