Black Lives Matter

There’s no question about it. Black lives matter. I can’t believe why this is even a subject. Why are we still here? Why has this ever been a debate? There’s no debate. Life is to be respected.

I have beautiful friends. I had the absolute honour of meeting people in my life who are of all colours. They have taught me invaluable lessons from their culture. It’s what’s inside that really matters. But obviously there’s something wrong with today’s society that’s not allowing the necessary changes to heal the pain. We’ve been around for roughly 7 million years. You’d think we’d have learned by now that every human has a right to their own life.

There’ve been way too many repeats of horrific history and many, many things should’ve never happened. And it’s still happening. There’s a lot of pain and anger that hasn’t been resolved. Discrimination and racism is the rot in society. That rot has to go.

I’m here to support this movement, my friends, my teachers, my children’s friends and teachers, and the future.