No Baths Week

By Katrina McKelvey

Illustrated by Cheri Hughes

This was a great book I had a lot of fun with illustrating. A boy who is adventurous and creative and uses these traits to figure out ways to NOT have a bath. With his trusty sidekick they bark on an adventure of the senses.

The Forever Kid

By Elizabeth Mary Cummings

Illustrated by Cheri Hughes

This was a very emotional piece I had the opportunity to illustrate. While there are many situations in how we lose a loved one, it hurts. This is a beautiful story about a family who celebrate the memories of their dear Johnny.

Ella Saw the Tree

By Robert Vescio

Illustrated by Cheri Hughes

I had the great pleasure of illustrating another story from Robert Vescio. This is a wonderful story about the senses and slowing down in this world that seems to just get faster. It’s about taking in your surroundings and really feel what is going on around you.