Book Week 2020

How would you tell your life story? Everyone has a life story. It’s up to you to tell it. The way you tell also comes in all unique forms. Telling a story isn’t only about words. What way can you think of when you think of storytelling?

There are traditional ways, such as narrating or writing. There’s also illustrating, performing or singing. But there are also the people who don’t know they’re storytellers but tell something of themselves through examples of how they live or make choices or how they socialise. They tell a story when helping someone. They’re the storyteller to the person who they impacted so greatly that that person will always remember them and tell stories about them.

We pass on many stories throughout our life. Many document it so they can look back and reflect. We reflect a lot and I think that’s ok. I’ve been told to never look back. I’ve also been told to not live in my past. I had been like that during my youthful years where I didn’t want to waste life living in the past but I’ve come to learn that that really wasn’t the case. I was simply reflecting and seeing how far I’d come. Sometimes you have to go back to your past to heal or face something within you. There are no stories without a past. There is no hope without a future. And there is nothing more precious than the present. And all of this is what makes us human, what makes us into storytellers.

As this is Book Week I’d like to share the books that have had a big impact on me and stories I had the absolute privilege of being a part of.

I’d like to share recent projects I took part in.

Rain Shaker:

This is a beautiful story written by Elizabeth Mary Cummings. It’s about a girl, Erin, who is bustling with energy, curiosity, and love. She lives in the farmlands in Australia where the droughts are severe. The climate is harsh and this summer is especially dry. Erin is finding it hard to grow her sunflowers in time for Christmas and so she’s trying to come up with a way to make it rain.

I was the illustrator for this wonderful story, Rain Shaker.

Author Elizabeth Mary Cummings | Illustrator Cheri Hughes | Publisher Big Sky Publishing

Chasing Rainbows:

This fabulous story was written by Katrina McKelvey. There is nothing better than opening a book and finding magic. Our heroes, Sam and Ruby are determined to find rainbow magic. Who wouldn’t!? I remember doing the same exact thing; finding the magic at the end of the rainbow. Their adventure starts in their backyard and leads them to an unexpected twist in their journey to find rainbow magic.

I had the absolute pleasure of illustrating the magic in Chasing Rainbows.

Author Katrina McKelvey | Illustrator Cheri Hughes | Publisher Big Sky Publishing

Here are some books I’ve had since my childhood or had an impact on me during then. These are the survivors of nearly 4 decades and three different continents.

The Giving Tree:

This is a story you understand differently at each stage of your life. The beginning is sweet with the innocence of the child and tree. Then life gets in the way and the child is no longer a child anymore but the tree still loves him. It took me many years to really understand all the book and I’m still learning.

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back:

This is a book that has really travelled the world with me. It’s a fun story of non-malice mischief and how to make it all better again. I always wanted to have Cat Z. Still do! But this book is more like my portal to my childhood. It’s important to remember the inner child who had taken you on all those endless adventures and learned how life really is magical.


I fell in love with the story and the illustrations. I was eight and my wonderful teacher, Mrs M, was reading Oddkins to us. I was mesmerized by it all. I had looked for nearly 3 decades for a copy and I finally found one. This was the beginning of my love for creators.

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